Founded in 1988, Valditaro positioned itself as a company that developed and produced decorative lighting, specialized in the transformation of natural materials and recurring to traditional processes of finishing. Ceramic, brass and fabric, were, then, the strongest base of work.


Throughout thirty years, the market volatilities, the increasing consumer demands and the never ending pursuit for differentiation and quality, compelled to the diversification of the materials used and the control of the key elements of the chain value, adopting change and adaptability as inevitable. Therefore, we envision presenting a young, creative brand that delivers to the consumer an added value product that exceeds their expectations.


We are proud to create, develop and produce lighting products that generate the full satisfaction of our customers, recurring to a sustainable policy of respect for the people, the environment and values, according to the principles of seriousness, rigor, dedication and sense of justice.

The extreme importance and thoroughness given to the creative process and to the development of new products, appear as the fundamental link to differentiation on which we aim to affirm our brand.


The organization of the productive process, based on Lean Manufacturing and Planning by Objectives, guarantees sustainability and a high level of service.


We rely on a set of core values, essential for the proper performance of our proposed goals with our customers and society – Responsibility, Quality, Versatility, Creativity and Fair Value.


We can, therefore, claim that in the core of all our products, resides the duality between industrial and artisanal production, manufacture of both large and small scales and in the imagination of the collective and the individual. 


This is our manifesto, the policy we embrace and by which we conduct our service. This is our thought, our essence!